DaVinci Resolve Editor Keyboard


Key Features
  • All-Metal Design with Handrest
  • High-Quality Keys with Tiered Profile
  • Premium Search Wheel
  • Fast In and Out Points
  • Intelligent Keyboard Edit Modes
  • Smart Insert, Append to End
  • Ripple Overwrite, Place on Top
  • Direct Timecode Entry Keypad & Much More
  • Use Desktop or Inset into a Console
  • USB Type-C Compatible

Made for DaVinci Resolve 16 and above, the DaVinci Resolve Editor Keyboard from Blackmagic Design features an all-metal construction and has professional edit keys and a high-quality search wheel, allowing you to edit with both hands. For example, you can control the position within a clip with the right hand while setting in and out points and applying edits with the left. Based on feedback from professionals, the Resolve Editor Keyboard even has subtle design features such as empty space above certain keys, so they can be located by touch. It plugs into a USB Type-C port and works without any batteries. The keyboard can be used on a desktop or inset into a console via a flange. DaVinci Resolve software is included.

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DaVinci Resolve Editor Keyboard

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