OWC Mercury Pro LTO-8 Thunderbolt Tape Storage/Archiving Solution

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The Mercury Pro LTO is a Thunderbolt 3 LTO-8 archiving solution for M&E pros, corporations, government branches, and small businesses seeking to preserve critical data for the highest longevity and lowest cost available. Tapes are accessed like an HDD or SSD, files appear in folders, and moving/retrieving files is drag and drop easy.

  • Instant ROI: offers a 577% ROI with up to 55% lower costs vs HDD storage
  • Store More: up to 12TB native and up to 30TB1┬ácompressed storage capacity per tape cartridge
  • Flexible: built-in IBM-LTO-8 drive reads and writes LTO-8, LTO-7 Type M “M-8”, and LTO-7 tapes
  • Store Longer: up to 30-year tape longevity
  • LTFS Compatible: archive files/folders with drag and drop ease
  • Simple Interface: mount, format, and backup to an LTO tape and hard drive simultaneously via included myLTO┬« software
  • Secure: supports AES 256-bit encryption for sensitive data
  • Compliance Ready: supports WORM cartridges required by legal and regulatory record keeping
  • Fast Tape Creation: up to 360MB/s native, up to 900MB/s1┬ácompressed transfer rates
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