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What is Loupedeck?

Loupedeck is a photo editing console for Adobe Lightroom. It lets you be more creative. It makes your editing faster. It means you can focus more on your photo.

Loupedeck is fully compatible with Apple and Windows operating systems. It’s hands-on and intuitive. No keyboard or mouse to distract you. Perfect for beginners and pros. Find your true artist.

More creativity

Get confident. Get creative. Experimenting with new editing techniques is easy. Adjustments are quick and simple. Meaning you can spend more time on what’s important – getting your photo just the way you want it.

Faster editing – improved ergonomics

Improved ergonomics enable you to edit thousands of photos without breaking your flow. Forget about constantly looking down at your mouse or keyboard. Loupedeck lets your eyes stay on the image and your hands on the console – giving you total focus on your photo.

Complete control at your fingertips

Each of Loupedeck’s buttons, dials and sliders correspond exactly to Lightroom’s interface. Pro or beginner, achieving the perfect edit quickly becomes second nature. Put the fun back into photo editing.

Adobe Lightroom

Loupedeck is the only editing hardware designed specifically to control Adobe Lightroom. We wanted to make it perfect, so we’ve focused all our efforts on Lightroom.

System Requirements

– Adobe Lightroom 6, Adobe Lightroom Classic CC
– Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7
– Mac OS 10.13, Mac OS 10.12, Mac OS 10.11, Mac OS 10.10
– Internet connection needed for Loupedeck software download
– USB 2.0 A



Select a photo that you have edited, and press Copy once to copy the adjustments (edits) of that photo to the clipboard.


Select a photo, and press Paste once to past the earlier copied adjustments to that photo. Press Fn + Paste to paste the adjustments to all photos that you have selected in the filmstrip.


Press Pick once to set a Pick flag. Press Pick again to remove the Pick flag.

Press Fn + Pick to set a Reject flag. Press Fn + Pick again to remove the Reject flag.


Press the Star/Color button to toggle between the star ratings and color labels.

The default filter mode is star ratings.

One star / color
Two stars / color
Three stars /color
Four stars / color
Five stars / color

Press a button once to set a rating or a color label to a photo. Press the button again to remove the rating or the color label.

Press Fn+any button to select the photos in the filmstrip that have that specific rating or color label set to them.

Arrow buttons

Press the left or right arrow to move to the previous or next thumbnail in the filmstrip.

Press the up arrow to move to the first thumbnail or the down arrow to move to the last thumbnail in the Library filmstrip.

Press Fn+left or right arrow key to select photos.

Colour Management

White balance

Turn the dial to set a value.

Press the dial to return to zero or to the camera’s “as shot” value (white balance, tint).

Turn the dial very quickly to move faster from end to end.


Press the Clr/BW button to toggle between the color or black & white mode.


Press the HueSat, or Lum button to activate each color channel for adjustments.

These buttons work together with the color adjustments wheels.

Scrolling wheels for adjusting individual color channels.

Use the scrolling wheel to select the desired value for the color.

Press the scrolling wheel to return to zero.

Scroll the wheel very quickly to move faster from end to end.

Lighting Adjustment


Turn the dial to set a value.

Press the dial to return to zero.

Turn the dial very quickly to move faster from end to end.

Personalised Functions


C1 is your customizable dial. You can select a function using the Loupedeck configuration software. With the Fn button, you can select another function.

Turn the dial to set a value.

Press the dial to return to zero or to the camera’s “as shot” value (white balance, tint).

Turn the dial very quickly to move faster from end to end.


C2 and C3 are your customizable buttons.

Press the button once to activate the selected function.

Press Fn + C2 or Fn + C3 to activate another set of functions.


The P1 – P8 buttons are configured with Lightroom presets.

Press the preset button to apply a filter to the selected photo(s).

Press Fn + any preset key to configure additional presets to the buttons. You can configure up to 16 presets with the P1 – P8 buttons and the Fn key.



Press Undo once to undo the previous value you edited. Press Fn + Undo to reset the photo.

Press Undo multiple times to remove multiple previous edits.


Press Redo once to redo an edit after undo.


Press Brush once to activate the brush tool.

White balance, tint, exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, whites, blacks, clarity, dehaze and saturation are activated.

Press Brush again to exit the brush tool.

Full screen

Press Full screen once to enter full-screen mode. Press again to exit full-screen mode.


Turn the dial either left or right to adjust the angle/rotation of the photo. When you stop turning the dial, the photo stops rotating.

Press the dial to enter crop mode. Use a mouse to position the photo.

Press Fn+Rotate/Crop to fine-tune the angle/rotation of the photo.


Press Before/After once to view a photo before and after editing side by side. Press again to return to the edited photo.


Press Export once to open the export dialog.

Press Fn+Export to export a photo using Loupedeck’s own export presets.

Left zoom and right zoom

Press either zoom key to zoom in. Press again to exit zoom.

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