BlackMagic MultiDock 2


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Super fast Thunderbolt- and Thunderbolt 2- disk dock lets you edit directly from your disks!
If you’re shooting or recording onto solid state disks then Blackmagic MultiDock is the perfect solution for mounting your media disks onto your Thunderbolt or Thunderbolt 2 based computer. You get a super fast 4 disk docking solution in a compact rack mount design that lets you insert and remove a disk as you need, so you can edit directly from the disks. Totally eliminate copying because with Blackmagic MultiDock you get massive transfer speeds for super responsive editing, design and color correction. Blackmagic MultiDock can even be used as a disk array when adding multiple disks and striping with your computers disk utility software! Blackmagic MultiDock is attractive and installs in seconds because it uses the disk drivers built into your Mac OS X and Windows Thunderbolt computer!
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